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Universal REMMS Specifications


Access Rights
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Entitlement Compatibility
Compatibility is crucial to sharing, obviously at the system, communication, and application levels, but more importantly maybe, also at the content entitlement security level, so that shared (and protected) content can shared anywhere, anytime, with anyone with adequate and compatible entitlement.

Enable Sharing
Secure content sharing and the associated productivity gains require universal entitlement security configuration, both geographically international as well as covering all or most applications.

Let's Gather and Resolve

Technologically Available
It is today possible to devise and agree on a flexible scheme that can set tracks for generation to come, right at the hearth of the socio-economic structure of our societies, by truly enabling content sharing and collaboration.

Existing Entitlement Solutions
Entitlement and REMM solutions are already available and the related technology issues have been resolved, e.g.DNAOS. Existing REMM solutions provide effective prototypes to guide REMMS specifications into enabling universal information sharing.

With & Without
Sharing compatibility can unite parties in an efficient specification process. Without a standard, especially if solutions multiply as each develops its own, content sharing is reduced and prevented.

Representative Standards Committee
To ensure wide support, the standards definition process should be coordinated by a committee representing the authors, providers, aggregators, distributors, packagers, resellers, users, and consumers of shared content.

The key to REMMS is mostly a convention and agreement issue, strongly motivated by the stakes and massive ROI. Benefits range from short term reduction of security losses, medical accidents, waisted resources, wars, to the medium term productivity increases, as well as more and richer applications, up to the longer term, by providing crucial building blocks for the information age and economy.

Universal & Flexible
Providing support for secure content sharing, collaboration, as well as for the associated productivity gains, entitlement security configuration must be universal, and flexible, supporting and adapting to any content and content entitlement structure.

We all urgently require universal shared information entitlement security standards.

Collaboration is Productivity