Entitlement Standards/Process

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Setup & Get Started
Share Work & Responsibility
Prepare a Request For Proposals (RFP)
Prepare & Present Proposals
Review & Merge Proposals
Finalize Specifications

As successful standardization processes often require momentum and resources, various steps are being taken to gather and focus them on the issues.

Action has started and the OMG a major IT standardization group and ISO partner, has already started ground work and needs support from everyone to achieve the objective.

Action has started and your contribution is now required. You can easily participate by joining the OMG work on REMMS, as well as by signing this on-linepetitionfor a Universal Content Sharing Entitlement Standard, as well as for a standards committee and process to be setup and deliver effective specifications.

Sign The Entitlement Petition

Let Your Voice Be Heard
As you sign the petition, please also take a few seconds to include a comment about your view and support for the issue. Let everyone know what you think about sharing content, about collaboration productivity, and about entitlement standards.

Time For Action - Contribute
REMM solution, technology, and design are available. Everyone including governments, organizations, industries, and societies, requires REMMS and must now support standardization efforts to ensure entitlement compatibility and information sharing.Contribute.


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