Entitlement Standards

Universal REMMS for Information Sharing

Sharing - Entitlement = Giving
Entitlement Enables Sharing
Sharing Enables Collaboration
Collaboration Enables Productivity
ROI = Universal REMMS

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"Entitlement standards enable collaboration productivity by providing platform and application independent and compatible control over relations between authorizations and managed resources."

Information Sharing
The main difference between Sharing and Giving, Entitlement enables information and knowledge sharing, collaboration, new types of applications, and increased productivity.

Resource Relation
A type of relation between resources, entitlement is part of resource management.

Access Control
Entitlement ensures that while users can access most operations, each only accesses what each is entitled to, in any given context and that this access is tracked and recorded.

Entitlement Standards
Entilement standards are required to support entitlement compatibility across systems, platforms, and applications.

Universal REMMS
Consequently, this site is dedicated to the support of REMMS (Resource Entitlement, Modeling, Management, and Sharing) standards).

Why?, What?, How?
The EntitlementStandards.org site offers three main information sections:ROI(why?),Solution(what?),Process(how?), along with aPetitionto support REMMS.

REMMS Petition
The REMMS support petition allows everyone to

  • support REMMS for Information Sharing
  • contribute to common interests
  • raise awareness about issues and stakes
  • unite voices and allow them to be better heard and considered
  • ensure that the specification process is structured, thorough, and efficient

Comment and Support
Thepetitioncan also be signed and commentedhere, requesting that formal a standards specification committee be assigned and supported to quickly deliver universal resource entitlement standards for sharing distributed information and knowledge.

Petition Signature
Your support for this universal Entitlement standards petition contributes to a more efficient sharing of rich content and knowledge for today's and tomorrow's generations.

REMMS Petition Form
Just take a moment to read and sign the on-line REMMS petition, add a brief comment, then, submit the petition signature form.

Petition List
All entries are reviewed and a summary the name, city, and comment will soon be added to the list at the bottom of the petition form. Thank you for your contribution.

Your comments, suggestions, questions, contributions, and sponsorships are very useful and much appreciated, especially as we need to resolve these issues together.Contact us.

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